Suede Super Absorbent Drying Cloth

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Product Features:

Unlike synthetic fibers, this natural suede is made from sheepskin, scratch-free, super soft, and has good extensibility. The absorbency of this suede car towel is significantly enhanced to absorb and retain large amounts of moisture. It provides your car with a lint-free shine that leaves no water marks.

Product Application:

This automotive chamois is very soft and highly absorbent. Natural suede cloth has many uses. Absorbent suede cloth can be used as a car towel (car wash and dry towel) for cars and vehicles (windows, body, interior). This suede drying towel can also be used on boats, instruments, professional camera lenses, camera lenses, computer screens and more. Natural suede cloth is known for its super absorbency and is recognized as a high-quality suede cloth for automobiles.

Product material:

This car suede cloth is made of real sheepskin, tanned with deep-sea cod oil, making it soft and durable, so a slight fish smell is normal and usually disappears after a few washes. Because suede has good water absorption, this suede cloth is widely used as automotive suede cloth.

Product care:

Before using chamois for the first time, it must be washed thoroughly with warm soapy water until the rinse water is no longer yellow. (Do not use non-greasy soaps or harsh chemicals) The chamois should be rinsed with clean water and wrung out completely before each use for car cleaning. After each use, chamois should be washed thoroughly with clean, soapy water, rinsed repeatedly and wrung out until clean. Dry the suede by hanging it out of direct sunlight.

Product Dimensions:

Suede is approximately 42 x 32 cm/piece, one piece per pack.