[PROMO 50% OFF] Vinyl Records Remover(30ml)


Safely Remove & Scotches On Vinyl Records!

Worry not about the vinyl records' sound quality due to , the problem can be solve by Viny Remover - remove from the vinyl record easily without damaging the surface of the vinyl record! 

Easily Remove & Scratches!
The fastest and easiest way to remove disappear completely. Viny Remover also clear misting or faded on vinyl records, as a result of damage due to the leeching of chemicals from old PVC outer covers!

Safe & Easy to Use
Safe for repeated use, with no harsh chemical & biodegradable. Just apply the cream and rub it on the it.

Wide Application
Specially design to remove from ALL types of vinyl record to restore the sound quality. Great for removing from disc, ceramic pot, etc

The Ultimate Cleaning Tool For All Vinyl Lovers!
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Net Weight: 30 ml

Shelf Life: 3 years

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