Stainless Steel Nut Chestnut Shell Opener

Serrated blade: With one press, the chestnuts form cross-sections. The peels can be easily removed after roasting.

Cut easily: Enjoy delicious chestnuts. With our chestnut cutter you can open it instantly: insert the chestnut, press it once and you get a cross cut. This makes it easy to remove the peel after baking. Sharp serrated blades and spring-loaded pliers make your work easy. After use, the knives can be easily cleaned by hand and stored to save space.

Explore Versatility: Did you know chestnuts have many uses? For example, sweeten the day for yourself and your loved ones with chocolate chestnuts or caramel chestnuts. Do you like something a little stronger? Whether served neat, roasted, boiled or stewed, they always provide a real taste experience. And - as far as we're concerned - they're also great with liqueur or gin. try it.

High Quality Kitchen Helpers: We know our way around kitchen helpers! Whether during preparation, cooking and baking, or even during serving, you'll find the right products with us to support your kitchen projects.

Features: Dishwasher Safe

Material: stainless steel

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