Rotary Lawn Sprinkler



Watering Sprayer 360° Rotation: The nozzles feature precise control from 0° to 360°. Aperture: 25mm,You can adjust the angle at will to spray irrigation to every corner of your garden. (Spray diameter is related to water pressure; the higher the water pressure, the larger the irrigation area).

Easy to Install & Save Time: This sprinkler is super easy to use and can be installed in just a few seconds. Our sprinklers are made of high quality ABS and PP plastic. This durable lawn sprinkler is corrosion resistant, will not rust, and will provide long-lasting, worry-free performance.

Yard Sprinkler System Multiple Uses: Super sprinkler, lawn irrigation, garden watering, 360 degree rotation. These lawn sprinkler heads can be used as a fun sprinkler set for kids to play and cool down on hot and sunny days.

Lawn & Garden Sprinklers:  Automatic constant 360 degree rotating spray built in 3 adjustable rotating arms sprayer are made of high-performance ABS plastic without other auxiliary power equipment just by household water supply pressure about the Garden Automatic Garden Lawn Sprinkler.

Irrigation System: Excellent Water Sprinkler Irrigation System, Our special design of water-saving device can be targeted to save water most by adjusting the water size and scope. Thanks to its properties, our lawn sprinklers will stand any weather and won’t rust due to constant contact with water.

Packing list: Rotating sprinkler + 4-point water connection*1