QuadPort Memory Hub™ - 4 in 1 Universal Card Reader


QuadPort Memory Hub™ - 4 in 1 Universal Card Reader

Unlock More Space and Maximize Your Phone's Potential: Introducing the QuadPort Memory Hub 4 in 1 Universal Card Reader

The 4-in-1 Universal Card Reader offers versatile compatibility with most cell phones enabling you to save all your files on external Memory Stick formats, providing high-speed data transfer in a compact, plug-and-play design.

Designed with versatility in mind 

This card reader allows you to use any memory stick you prefer that supports a range of memory cards, including SD and TF cards, through its four different ports, ensuring universal compatibility and smooth data transfer.

Plug-and-Play Functionality

No drivers or additional software required for installation. Enjoy hassle-free setup and use - simply plug the card reader into your device and start transferring files immediately.

Space-Saving Design

Compact and portable form factor. Saves valuable space on your desk or in your bag, making it ideal for travel or use in small workspaces.

High-Speed Data Transfer

Supports high-speed data transfer rates. Quickly transfer large files, photos, videos, and more between your memory cards and your computer or other devices, saving you time and enhancing productivity.