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Our underarm sweat pads are constructed to fit the sleeves and won't shift or fall out easily. Not only is it easy to adhere, but it's also easy to peel off without leaving any residue on your clothes.
Our underarm sweat pads are larger than other sweat pads on the market and fit most men and women. All sweat pads are made from high-quality microfiber cotton, are allergen-free and safe for most skin types. Neutral designs and odorless materials provide answers to both.
Our underarm sweat pads are super soft and ultra-thin. Lightweight, easy to carry and virtually invisible. Disposable, no cleaning required, easy to use.
Our underarm sweat pads contain all-natural absorbents that absorb underarm sweat and odor and prevent side leakage. Stay dry and confident all day long. An effective way to avoid armpit dampness for 6-8 hours. Save money on dry cleaning.
Our underarm sweat pads are highly efficient, breathable, extremely absorbent and sticky, yet leave no residue. Each pack contains 10 pads, providing 5 days of use. Use on T-shirts, shirts, dress shirts, and almost any first layer of clothing (but not wool products). We promise lifetime warranty, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.