Stranger Things Vecna Mask Cosplay Mask


Buy now and deliver before Halloween!

Transcending the great TV Series "Stranger Things", you can apply this Vecna Mask to your actual life! This is the proper headwear if you're going for a menancing look to daunt "strangers" or even your peers. Walking around portraying as the evil antagonist "Vecna" will truly plague the minds of on-looking strangers.

Fabric: Latex
Design: Cartoon
Style: Horror
Pattern: Strange
Applicable Scene: Halloween, Roleplay, Cosplay, Costume Parties

How To Use
This Vecna Mask is an easy to use flexible mask with no obstacles blocking eyesight or the nasal area. This allows for a better experience because we've all been there before when you can't breathe or see through a mask you truly desired to wear for Halloween.