Halloween Funny Cosplay Party Mask - Old Man Head Helmet Real Mask


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  • blurry face, masquerade, halloween, alter ego
  • Halloween GIF - Old Man Mask Face is definitely your new Halloween experience.
  • Sculpted and designed at the core of our totally updated Halloween mask, this old man mask is our most suitable and versatile face yet.
  • All our latest news in facial design and technology.

Why choose the Hyper Realistic Silicone Elderly Mask?

All of our silicone surfaces are made from skin-friendly, ultra-flexible platinum-grade silicone rubber.。
Seamless Eyelets: For added realism, your face has the smallest, most comfortable eyelets.
REINFORCED WITH STRONG MESH - Our silicone face is reinforced with 4-way stretch fabric in strategic areas such as the mouth, eyes, ears, etc.
nose to ensure superior durability without restricting movement.
Our face is designed with a longer than average length bib for optimal chest coverage and realism.


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    Please note that the elderly do not include glasses (you need to set it yourself)