🎄Urwithwe Reflective Magnetic Bulbs

Spread the spirit of goodwill and joy this season with Urwithwe reflective bulbs, and let the
magic of the holidays shine through wherever you go!
Designed to spread happiness, Urwithwe reflective bulbs come in vibrant, eye-catchingcolors and designs that add a touch of festive cheer wherever they're placed. Urwithwe Magnetic Bulbs can be easily applied to vehicles, refrigerators, metal doors, and anyother magnetic surfaces.
They're festive, fun and guaranteed to bring smiles to fellow travelers, families, andpassersby
Gentle on any metal surface
Apply them to magnetic surfaces and restassured they'll stay put, completely secure on anymetal. No worries about leaving any marks orcausing scratches, they're designed to be gentleon surfaces.
Honeycomb Reflective Technology
We design each of our magnetic sets withreflective technology that meets the standards ofstreet signs. Printed with UV-protected ink anddurable in all weather conditions.
Festive gifts for everyone
Our customers love displaying them onrefrigerators, garage doors, mailboxes, trailers,mini-fridges, school lockers, school buses, dryerase boards, magnetic boards, dishwashers andfiling cabinets